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Limitless Brazillian Jiujitsu was founded by
Jordan Preisinger in Trenton, Ontario. 
In 2023, Coach Joey Boretski expanded the Limitless BJJ brand to Alberta, finding a home at the Phoenix Taekwon-do Club
in St. Albert, Alberta (Edmonton Suburb)

Meet the faces Behind LIMITLESS BJJ EDMONTON

Meet the faces behind Limitless Edmonton- Joey and Paige Boretski!
We are originally from Ontario where we trained at @limitlessbjjtrenton. Joey is a black belt and Paige is a blue belt.
Opening a Jiujitsu gym has been a dream of Joey’s since he was a blue belt himself and so when the opportunity arose to make his dream come true he jumped on it. 
Being able to expand the Limitless name is a huge honour for both of us.
Joey and Jordan (owner of Limitless Trenton) have trained since they were both white belts together. Joey is even Jordan’s first black belt.
At Limitless Edmonton we will strive to uphold the values and welcoming atmosphere felt by all back home and with Joey’s unique teaching style and dedication to his students, we will ensure that every person whether they are brand new to Jiujitsu or come with some experience under their belt are able to reach their full potential! We look forward to meeting each and everyone of you!





Joey Boretski began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2010, and received his black belt in 2020 from Jordan Preisinger of the popular youtube channel Jordan Teaches JiuJitsu.

​He began teaching kids classes early into his journey and quickly transitioned to teaching adults as well. Joey blends his near decade of teaching experience with the lessons and insights he’s gained through a successful competitive career to give top quality instruction and coaching to students of all skill levels and goals.




You may recognize Jordan from the very popular youtube channel Jordan Teaches Jiujitsu! Jordan teaches BJJ to people all over the world and has over 130,000 Subscribers.

Jordan is one of the very few Canadians who have been asked to work with BJJ Fanatics, and Jordan is one of the highest-regarded Brazilian Jiujitsu Instructors in the world.